Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rediscovering My Roots, or: How I Learned That We Have A Root Cellar

So yesterday was my first time back at the farm since the end of April. Now, at the end of April, it was pretty ugly… I mean, it's not the garden's fault that it can be so homely at times. It was not that long after the start of spring, so nothing was really growing or blossoming yet. A garden is prettiest in mid-late summer, when everything is brilliant and thriving and just reaching toward the sky. But one thing about a garden that is always constant, is the way it smells. It smells like promise; like life and possibility.

Anyway, I was excited to be back in the garden again, especially when it is thriving. It was full and lively, everything was bursting out of the ground. The onions were huge, and the thick green tips of the shoots were to my thighs. The dill was taking over the garden path, and the tomato plants were heavy and toppling with the juicy orange, yellow, red, and unripe green bulbs weighing them down.
Granted, it was a short-lived excitement. We began out wait for the transportation to the farm at 3.00. The driving situation has become unorganised now that Kerri is at the farm all day and not there to get us going. The people who were supposed to drive weren't there, and we ended up not leaving until just before 4.00. There were insane amounts of traffic thanks to it being late in the day and everyone was getting out of work, AND then PennDot has to fuck everything up and make it more difficult to get anywhere.  So we got there at 5.00 and were only able to stay an hour.

After we were done harvesting, we were instructed to leave a good amount of apples so that Kerri could put them in the root cellar. Now, I'm not claiming to be any expert at gardening, but I though I knew a fair amount, but of course I had no bloody idea what a root cellar was. I assumed it was something that had began long ago to preserve food, but I did not know that we actually had one. It is apparently under a tree, and I feel my curiosity will get the better of me and I will have to go and explore it. So maybe I should explain what a root cellar is (even though you could Google it, because that's what I had to do).

A root cellar is a structure built underground or partially underground and used to store vegetables, fruits, and nuts or other foods.
Is it just me? Does that not seem like it should be in The Lovely Bones, and George Harvey/Stanley Tucci is going to come bursting out and murder the first child that walks past it?


runa said...

Psh, haha, you're all "some murderer is going to burst out of there" and I'm thinking more like "OOH, NARNIA."

I can't wait to explore the tree! That sounded so awesome :D

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