Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Corn lends an ear

So this was my first harvest. I was completely unaware that broccoli grew on these tall bushes, and really clueless that brussels sprouts grew on the stalk of this fucking weird-looking plant with long, heavy leaves.

I became so enamoured with the fact that I was helping to grow something that we would later eat. We grow up in this world where food is so readily available, and we never question or wonder where it comes from. One of our first challenges was "The Corn Challenge." Try to not eat corn for an entire week. This sounds easy in theory, but not just corn the physical object, but corn in ALL forms. Basically: everything that you don't make yourself, from scratch, has corn in it. The list of things that do or may contain corn is long:
Too long to even put in this entry because it looks obnoxious. So just go here: 

Bet you never thought that all those things had something to do with corn; I sure didn't. If you take a look at ANY processed food label, you will most likely find several of those ingredients on the list.
So all in all, I obviously failed miserably at not eating corn for a week, but that was not the real point of the lesson. It was to just be aware of what we are eating.

Definitely accomplished the lesson in that regard.
I recommend watching King Corn if you really want to know how much corn we use in the U.S.


runa said...

Oh my God. I think the most shocking part of that list is the fact that you got it from an allergy website. I'm terrified of even having to be aware of all the stuff that has corn in it next week...but to know and avoid everything with corn for the duration of someone's LIFE? HOLY HORCRUX THAT IS CRAZY.

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