Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dump this, get a hoe.

So what the hell is this blog and what is the point of it?

Well, if you are like I was just a year ago, you probably don't know anything about gardening. Oh, you might think you do, "It's just putting seeds in the ground and then it grows! Duh." No. You thought wrong. There is much more to gardening than that, and it can be a lot more fun and hard work than one would think.

Before I came to Chatham University, I had absolutely no interest in agriculture. I was sick of it, actually. I went to a high school where only the agriculture program and football were promoted, and I was bitter. So I came to school here in Pittsburgh thinking, "HA! This is about as far away from the smell of cow shit, county fairs, and truck pulls as possible!" Well, sometimes the smell isn't much better, but it is otherwise pretty different in every way possible.


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